Sandra for Mayor

A mayoral campaign with personality and purpose

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Armed with a passion for her community and leadership experience, Sandra Easton declared her candidacy for Mayor, Town of Lincoln, Ontario. Sandra’s platform was simple: “The Town of Lincoln is a place where all family expectations should be fulfilled”, and it’s with community involvement and partnership that she intends to make this happen!

Spoiler Alert: She won the election!

The Town of Lincoln is in the heart of Niagara Region, famous for its orchards, vineyards and wineries. This region’s passion for agriculture inspired the grape leaf logo design, with the tendrils (yes, those squiggly parts of the vine) representing Sandra’s desire to “reach into the community”, a major part of her campaign platform. This simple, fresh design then inspired her website and promotional materials.

What we did
Brand Development
Promotional Material Design
Social Media Design & Strategy

I would have no hesitation in recommending Frank & Gen to others. I am extremely pleased with the results.

– Sandra Easton